my approach

is always

what I do as your wedding photographer

my approach is photojournalistic

what does that mean?

the wedding approach

Throughout the day

I’ll be looking for all the small, unique and personal moments of joy and emotion. There are the big swings of course, but there are also the little interactions which are just as wonderful and often missed.

I’ll document it all, from the mood of the sky to the decor of the main room. I’m searching for anything that helps me tell your unique story.

it’s all about following what you and your partner have planned and then capturing you and your loved one’s reactions to everything around you.

During the ceremony

Once the rings are fitted and secured, I start using my voice more as we get into portraits. We’ll have planned time in advance for group shots of the bridal party, family, friends and, of course, the happy couple. These shots tend to be the most traditional, yet they often turn out to be the ones you treasure the most.

It’s also important to note that when you eat, I do too (let’s face it, no one wants photos of themselves eating!). During the speeches, I’ll tiptoe around the room to snap shots of each speaker as well as all the reactions - hopefully an even mix of laughter and tears!

My last port of call is the dancefloor, for the all-important first dance, followed by some action shots of your guests’ epic moves!


So, what about...?



The word ‘portrait’ sounds a bit stiff and formal, but that’s all it is - just a word! We’ll chat and plan your session together as much as you want or need.

I’ll also provide you with a guide so you can be confident and prepared in the run-up, but the best advice I can give you is, “Don’t stress, you’re in good hands - so let’s just have fun together!”

When it comes to events, it’s all about the chats! You fill me in on the details and together we come up with the perfect plan to cover everything you have in mind. When it comes down to the actual event, whether it’s day or night I’ll be there at least 10 minutes early, so don’t stress! You won’t have to worry about me after all our pre-chats; I’ll get busy snapping while you focus on enjoying your event!

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