“There are no stupid questions.” I agree, but there sure are frequently asked ones! This will more than likely be a brand new experience for you; it’s not often people have reason to hire a professional photographer, so I’m here to make you feel as welcome and comfortable as possible.

It might be that, even after reading through the list below, you have an infrequently asked question. That’s totally fine; just get in touch with me and I’ll get back to you personally, and maybe even add your question to my growing collection!




How many photographs will I receive?

How will I receive my photos?

I average about 60 quality photos per hour. However, this totally depends on what exactly I’m shooting. For example, if I’m directing guests or changing lights and locations, these factors can affect the continuous flow of shots. On the other hand, if there’s a lot going on, I might snap 100! My focus is on capturing as many moments as I can, but the quality of those images is also hugely important to me. Rest assured that the final, complete album you receive will meet (and I hope exceed) your expectations.

As soon as your photos are ready, I’ll shoot you an email with a link to your personal online gallery. You can view and download all your shots directly from there.

I’ll also send over a little parcel in the mail with your very own wooden USB and a few postcard prints crafted by my favourite local printers, Atkins Lab.



What equipment do I use?

How will my images be stored?

I own three Canon cameras; a full-frame DSLR 5D Mk IV and a mirrorless EOS R6 & R. I always shoot with two different memory cards on the day; you can never be too careful with back-ups.

I strive for beautiful image quality in every shot that I take, so my preferred glass are prime lenses (Sigma Art is my fave). I usually opt for a 50mm or 85mm lens on one camera and a 35mm on the other. This gives me a great choice of image shape and size to suit all situations on the day.

There’s nothing as beautiful as natural light, but I do carry a variety of artificial light sources for the darker moments. If we really need some illumination help, I also have access to larger lighting equipment; I’ll let you know if it’s necessary!

For video we add the Canon EOS C and a bunch of sound recording devices to the kit.

Your precious memories will be safely stored in your online gallery. I use Pic Time; after a lot of research, I think it’s the best online gallery platform out there.

There’s different storage options depending on the package you choose; cloud storage of your gallery will be included for one year or otherwise be available for a very reasonable subscription fee.

You’ll also have your own wooden USB posted out to you. No one’s losing their images on my watch!



We are not too confident in front of the camera - can you help us?

What about bad weather?

Bad weather is out of our collective control and, of course, sometimes it happens. If our portrait session can be rescheduled, I always recommend moving to a later date. There’s nothing like beautiful golden sunlight for portrait shots. If it’s a wedding then we’ll roll up our proverbial sleeves and embrace the day, rain, hail or shine! I have clear umbrellas that we can utilise and suggestions for what to do to make the most of it; my equipment is also weatherproof, so at the end of the day it just comes down to how you feel. If you’re up for dancing in the rain on your wedding day then dance we shall!

Absolutely! Loads of people have that same concern, but just skim through all the lovely words my previous couples have left about working with me and you'll see that it won’t be an issue.

We'll chat through all the ways you can look your best in front of the camera - but most importantly, I’ll try to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Stiff or emotionless won’t work for me, and it definitely won’t work for you. My style is candid and modern, so just trust me and together we’ll have fun while creating wonderful results.

If you’re looking to hire an experienced Adelaide wedding photographer who can make you feel comfortable - well that's me!

Check out my reviews on Google or on my KIND WORDS page to what the awesome people I have photographed have said.



Do we have to feed you?

Black and white photography - yes or no?

It’s not a hard and fast contracted rule, but I’m not going to lie here: I would appreciate it!

If you’re feeling generous, chat to me about the schedule so I don’t miss anything important while I’m refuelling.

Personally, I love black & white photos. They’re what drew me to the medium of photography in the first place. But I totally understand that they're not to everyone’s taste. Usually, I create an album with 90% colour images and 10% black & white. If you want to adjust this ratio, just talk to me! It’s also worth noting that if you’re a true monochrome fanatic, you’ll receive a nice discount on a full black & white album package. Again, just chat to me and we can discuss all options!



Can we chat first?

Do you offer custom packages for elopement and destination weddings?


I would absolutely love to get to know you and your partner and talk through any and all questions you might have, so just get in touch and we'll set up a chat at a time that suits you.

I sure do! I’m an Adelaide wedding photographer by trade but I’m always looking for an excuse to travel. I have family and friends in Europe, Hawaii, Asia and all across Australia, so I tend to offer affordable destination wedding packages and gratefully mix business with a lil’ bit of pleasure. I’m a well-seasoned traveler, so I’m happy to assist with any logistics or planning; just hit me up and we can chat logistics!



Are you insured?

How do I book?

Shoot me an email or message through any of my online platforms. I enjoy reading as much of your personal story as you care to share. Feel free to tell me anything and everything about your upcoming wedding; the planning, the guests, your vision for the photography, the venue and most importantly, the love story at the heart of it all. Ideally we’ll meet before the shoot; however, in the case of events, it’s not typically necessary and can be left at your discretion. Finally, to secure the booking I require a signed contract and a deposit.

Yes, I have public liability and comprehensive insurance coverage with the Professional Photographers’ Insurance Brokers.


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