Intimate Pandemic Elopement | Josè + Kristen

May 2, 2020

Kristen and José and their Adelaide elopement during the global COVID pandemic. They celebrated their love during these humbling circumstances. Kristen and José had been planning on a big wedding in Seattle with an amazing honeymoon in Oregon. But, they had the energy and spirit of true travellers as they adapted to their situation and pulled together an elopement in Adelaide.

Hundreds of their friends and family watched their Adelaide elopement in true pandemic style via Zoom. Their Zoom guests from across the world continued to party together for hours after the ceremony.

We took their portraits at the front of their house during a break in the rain. And drank sake in their backyard sharing our stories. For them it was perfect.

It was a last minute booking – I met them on the morning of their wedding and left them in the evening as a friend.
I know that sounds super cliché and cheesy but honestly that’s the only way I can explain it…

We can work and earn heaps of money and pretty much do anything nowadays. But ultimately being as in love as these two are is what life’s all about 🤍