Interview With Adelaide Wedding Stylist

Minty Mary Pea at The Jade

Interested in an intimate elopement? Hear what the pros have to say!

Are you considering an intimate elopement in Adelaide but don't want to compromise on it being romantically stylish? Yes, the global pandemic put an incredibly sudden, out-of-the-blue halt to the idea of grand guest list weddings. Many people are opening up to alternative ideas. Therefore, I chatted with Adelaide wedding stylist Minty Mary Pea and The Jade about what could be the best idea for nuptials during this current situation.

Let's start with what venue can pull off such an intimate affair in Adelaide? Well, The Jade sure is one of them. And, Adelaide wedding stylist Minty Mary Pea is a bright light for those couples that want to tone down their guest list without sacrificing any of the grace and beauty of a traditional wedding.

When we met at The Jade, a centrally located vintage venue with an unmatched charm, Laura from MMP made putting on the perfect elopement ceremony look like a breeze.

The Jade offers a stunning fireplace, piano and dance floor, and a draped stage that offers guests and couples a cosy and intimate experience. On this particular shoot, Minty Mary Pea took her signature creativity to up the ante on the atmosphere with a stunning candlelit arrangement. We caught up with her to discuss the elopement and just what she loved about this particular styled wedding shoot in Adelaide.

What’s your favourite thing about being involved in styled shoots?

I don’t usually get to meet and interact with the make-up artist on the day of, so styled shoots often give us the chance to connect on a greater level with other suppliers that I don’t get to work with for a real wedding. They are also great for creativity and helping couples get a true vision of their big day. As a stylist, the shoot is best for showing couples design concepts that they might have to see for themselves to really appreciate. This particular shoot inspired a more simplistic approach to the day, giving the venue and photography the opportunity to speak for itself. I loved every part of this shoot.

Do you think there can be benefit in having an elopement?

I am a serious fan of elopements! I love the intimacy that they can provide for couples. Often, elopements give couples a distraction-free day when they can be truly free to enjoy each other and live in the moment of it all. Big weddings are great, but I hear it all too often that couples regret not getting the chance to really enjoy their guests, the food, and the day is over far too quickly.

Could you share some more information about where you’re from and how you got to where you are today?

I was born in Adelaide, but between the ages of 5 and 10 I lived in England, where my dad was born. I feel like having grown up in both England and Adelaide, I got to experience two different childhoods in a sense and I have fond memories of both places. England was a great place to live. I used to explore the forest at the end of the street we lived on with my siblings. Everything was so quaint and it had a rich history that I loved. When I ended up coming back to Australia, I was in awe of the seemingly endless space. I especially love South Australia because it has the best of so many worlds all within a short drive. From the coastlines to the beautiful hills, there are just so many perfect locations where couples can elope!

How did you become a wedding stylist?

Intimate wedding / elopement set up at The Jade Adelaide

When I finished school, I did well in both Visual Arts and all of my Science subjects, so I was really torn about a career path. I ended up getting a Bachelor of Health Sciences with Honours in Psychology in University. After finishing school and saving up, my sister, a couple of close friends and I went on a three-month vacation around Europe. At the time, my sister was running her own creative business and she was really excited to use the inspiration from our trip to get back to work. When we got back, I applied to jobs in the health field but I realised that it just wasn’t what I was passionate about. I enrolled in an Interior Design course after being creatively inspired and knew immediately that I was in exactly the right place and loved every minute of it. I fell in love with the romance of weddings and the idea of a venue space as a blank canvas. I also enjoyed being able to create something magical for just one day and knowing that was treasured in the moment for those celebrating. I also enjoyed being able to create something magical for one day and then pack it all away again, so that the uniqueness of the moment would be treasured forever.

The concept was an intimate winter elopement. What did you think of it?

It was timely, especially for what is happening in the world. I feel as if there will be a big shift in societal expectations and values because of the time we’ve all had to stop, reset, and reevaluate. Many of us are reconsidering what we really need, how we spend our time, and what we appreciate most in our lives. The biggest immediate change in weddings right now is the absence of external pressures because as a society we’re not able to have those large weddings due to the health risks. I think this new shift will relax the pressures of family, tradition and expectation as at the end of the day, it’s the two people getting married whose desires matter most.

The Jade weddings in Adelaide

are a beautiful combination of class and charm because of the stunning beauty of the historical venue. The addition of the Minty Mary Pea wedding stylist in Adelaide took a simple, classic affair and elevated it to enhance both the intimacy and general wow-factor. If you’re looking for an impressive and creative wedding stylist in Adelaide, don’t hesitate to contact Minty Mary Pea. To dive deeper into the Jade’s beautiful options or to book your own special event, head to The Jade’s website for more information.